Wednesday, April 22

Green Breakfast Smoothie to make your tounge and tummy tingle!!

My refrigerator is getting rather low on produce, as it's Wednesday. Wednesday means all produce at my local co-op is 10% off! That means 25% for me as a member and volunteer. Well anyway, I haven't gotten there yet and just threw whatever was in my fridge into my blender and created the most delicious concoction!

Tummy tingling breakfast greenie:

1 banana
1/2 mango
1 blood orange
coconut water (to cover fruit)
large handful spinach
1 huge mustard green leaf
1 teaspoon spirulina

Saturday, April 18

A peek into my kitchen!

I have been so very busy lately that I have barley been cooking! Though I do sneak into the kitchen whenever possible. Here are a few of the meals I've prepared over the past month or two, and a sneak peek at some recipes to come. Or, if you 're interested in any thing posted I usually scribble things down when creating something new, so I most likely have got a rough recipe I can refine for you somewhere. :)